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Training programs

Training programs

Resistance welding training – theoretical and practical training modules tailored to the unique needs of our partners, from basic training to handling the highest knowledge controls.

Responding to our partners’ need we have a special training machine (AC) to make theoretical and practical trainings the most
effective. For advanced trainings our MFDC machine is equipped with the most modern HWH Genius HWI power source.
With these machines the basics of resistance spot welding and projection welding can be learned and mastered, and the highest quality requirements can be reached with the use of HWH controls.
Beside different controls the machines are equipped with several means of quality insurance and available special instruments can be used to check the machines, monitor welding process and register, evaluate parameters.
Knowledge acquired during theoretical training can be applied, tested and deepened in practice

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• General theory and practice.
• Resistance welding of coated and/or HSS, and Al alloys.
• Resistance welding of electronic and small parts.
• Machine setting and welding.
• Training for mechanists and production engineers.
• Training for operators according to MSZ EN ISO 14732.
• Quality insurance and tests (training for quality controllers).
• Electrode materials and weldability of different materials.
• EWS-RW exam training for welding experts.
• Elaboration of welding technology (WPS-RW) for specific welding tasks.
• Use of AC and MFDC controls in practice.
• Use of XPegasus softwares with Ratia 73 (AC) and Genius HWI
(MFDC) controls.
• Setting of IQR parameters on NIMAK welding gun with Genius
HWI control.

Do you need deeper knowledge in resistance welding? Do you have problems in production? Would
you like to improve quality in resistance welding?
Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can investigate your needs and possibilities together.

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Contact us for the most suitable solution of your welding task or technical problem or question. It can be any resistance welding task, spotwelding, projection welding (e.g., nut welding, mesh welding), seam welding, butt welding (e.g. steel bar jointing), we are at your service with our many years of experiences.

If you are interested in automation with robots (e.g., to increase productivity, decrease costs or improve quality) our robot staff are ready to help you whatever industry you are involved in.

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